Hello my name is Carlos I am the owner of COMPUSAL, I started working with computers since 1989 and a lot has change since then and we have to be updated constantly to the new trends in technology, the Internet have played an important role in our day to day operations that now we depent on it, the companies that provide Internet service are working hard to get you the best and faster internet connection, the companies that provide tv and phone service are always looking for ways to innovate and provide you 

with the best experience in ther services...


We understand these concepts and created a relationship with some of them like Directv for one of the best experience for enjoy TV service, AT&T for Internet and phone service and with Exede by Viasat, provider of Residential / Commercial Internet service for virtualy any location, when a traditional provider fail to deliver High Speed Internet, Exede play an important role in get these customers connected and we are proud to be an Authorized Retailer for Exede High Speed Internet....

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